About Waffle Dough - Our Loyalty Program

Learn about Waffle Dough- Our Loyalty Program

Accumulate points with every $1 spent! 🌟 You can also earn points by celebrating birthdays, sharing on Facebook and Instagram, and following our pages. Leave a review, and watch your points grow even faster!

Trade in those points for scrumptious waffle rewards like complimentary waffles, free shipping, and genuine dough off your orders. Check out the chart for a full breakdown.

Wondering about the name "Waffle Dough"? It's a clever nod to our Belgian Liege waffles, crafted from dough rather than batter, making it the perfect currency for our program. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out below! 🧇💰🎉

Log in to your account today to see your dough or to redeem.
waffle dough reward system

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