It Takes A Village - Thoughts on Entrepreneurship and starting a Small Business

A favorite tradition of mine is to head to Barnes and Noble a few days after the start of the New Year to peruse the discounted calendars. This year most of the calendars left were featuring scantily clad men with tractors or plants and calendars with seemingly adorable cats and goats. While entertaining, these choices did not reflect something we would want to put up on our wall at work. But, buried beneath the semi-erotic and odd, was a calendar of quotes! Perfect!

The first month says "Girlfriends don't let you do stupid things... alone" and while I understand the sentiment, it actually got me thinking about Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship.

"Stupid" is a strong word (actually our kid bans us from saying it), but it has more of an out of control or adventurous connotation here. Starting a business takes a lot of preparation and belief in the idea and yourself. Send Me Waffles was a vision over 5 years ago and slowly is growing and expanding thanks to all the amazing people we have met. We have learned from our local community including fellow business owners (big and small), our customers, and our friends and family. 

So as we start the year 2020, we wanted to say thank you for not letting us do stupid things...alone. Thank you for standing by our side and helping us to grow. We will continue to spread the WAFFLOVE and we can not do it without you!

- Ilene