Waffles by Mail? That's an absurd idea.

Like many great ideas, we came across the idea of Send Me Waffles during a long run. Ok, it was a little more complex than that. Keegan has been obsessed with Belgian liege waffles since we ran a half marathon in Durham, NC a few years ago which ended in a food truck rodeo. Since the half marathon ended around 10am, no one really wanted lunch type food, so clearly the longest line was at the waffle truck. Waffles? Hell yes, that sounds like the perfect recovery food. And it must be good if the line is that long. So we hopped in line and waited. Let me tell you... those waffles would turn out to be the start of an obsession. We had never had Belgian Liege waffles before.

What makes them different than a normal waffle, you ask? Well, first of all they are dough based and go through a rising process, unlike regular waffles which are batter based. Second, they have these amazing crunchy sugar beads inside called pearl sugar which is derived from beets. They are so delectable and sweet you actually do not need any toppings on them, but you can't go wrong adding more sugar on sugar (or savory on sugar if that's your jam). 

Starting on the plane ride home, Keegan started googling recipes on how to make these unicorn of a waffle. He learned we had to order this special sugar and needed a heavier waffle maker. We found both online and he was off to the races perfecting his recipe. 

Every time people would stay over we would wake them up with the smell of waffles in the morning and as they packed their bags, we would send a few with them.

Now we want to share our love of waffles with you. And we want you to send them to yourself and your friends. Welcome to our Waffle Family and thanks for spreading the wafflove!