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Shiva and Jewish Funerals: What Do I Say and Other Jewish Traditions

Shiva and Jewish Funerals: What Do I Say and Other Jewish Traditions
Expressing condolences in a way that respects Jewish traditions can be comforting for the mourning family. Instead of saying "rest in peace," it is customary to say "may his/her memory be a blessing." This phrase honors the legacy of the deceased and conveys your heartfelt sympathy.

What To Write To Someone In Mourning? Here are 5 Heartfelt Message Ideas

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Finding the right words can be challenging when someone you care about is grieving. Here are 5 heartfelt message ideas to help you express your sympathy. Plus a delicious and ready to eat idea of what to send to someone in mourning.

5 Touching and Heartfelt Funeral Gift Notes for Jewish Funerals and Shiva Visits

Shiva gift, Jewish mourning, shiva home, shiva call, condolences, traditional shiva gifts, comfort food, Belgian Liege waffles, support a mourning family, shiva basket, appropriate shiva gift
Here are five heartfelt examples of notes that you can include in a waffle shiva box or other gift you may send: Please accept our deepest condolences during this difficult time. We hope these waffles bring a small moment of comfort ...

We are 5! Happy Birthday To Us!

We are 5! Happy Birthday To Us!
Can you believe it's been 5 amazing years since we embarked on this delicious journey together? We are beyond grateful for your support and enthusiasm for all things waffles. 

Make Your Mom's Day with a Waffle Delivery from Send Me Waffles

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With Mother's Day fast approaching, it's time to think outside the box when it comes to gifting the special woman in your life. Instead of the usual flowers or chocolates, why not treat her to something that will bring a smile to her face and delight her taste buds? Enter a unique and delicious gift idea: waffles!

The Silly Origins of International Waffle Day and Why We Love Waffles

International Waffle Day Kids and Waffles
We are all about celebrating the joy of waffles, and what better occasion to do so than International Waffle Day? This delightful holiday, celebrated on March 25th, is a perfect opportunity to indulge in the deliciousness of waffles while honoring their rich history and cultural significance. Read on to explore the origins of International Waffle Day (and why it reminds us of a childhood game of operator!) and delve into what makes our Belgian Liege waffles so unique and beloved.

20 Best Occasions To Send Corporate Gifts: Unique times to make them smile

Corporate Gifting Ideas
Here's a list of occasions that are appropriate for corporate gifting. Some you may have thought of and others you have not. Each idea is a unique opportunity to connect with your clients and/or employees and add a light to their day.

Microwaving Magic: Warming Up Waffles is as Easy as 1 -2 - 3! With video!

The best way to warm a waffle in the microwave

Are you ready to dive into the world of quick and delicious waffle satisfaction? We are here to share our insider tips on how to master the art of microwaving your waffles to perfection. Microwaving your Send Me Waffles is as easy as 1-2-3. Here's what you need to know:

Five Reasons To Love Waffles: What No One Is Talking About

Five Reasons To Love Waffles
1. They have built-in pockets to stash extra toppings.
2. They are the only food that appreciates a good syrup shower. 
Read on for more reasons!

Sending Love and Waffles: 4 Perfect College Care Package Ideas

College Care Package Ideas
While there are endless options for care package goodies, we believe that the key to a truly delightful care package lies in its diversity and personal touch. And what could be more delightful and personal than including a box of Send Me Waffles? Read on to see four fantastic ideas for creating the ultimate college care package that will surely bring a smile to any student's face.

We are a Small Business and this is how we support other small businesses (and you can, too!)

girl enjoying waffle
Together, let's show our appreciation for the small businesses that enrich our communities and contribute to their growth and vitality. By intentionally supporting them, we foster a thriving local economy and help businesses continue to grow.

A Waffle Lover's Guide to a Wedding Worth Savoring: Embrace the Waffle-lly Ever After!

waffle wedding ideas
When we were planning our wedding many years ago, the best advice we received was to make sure there were 3 things at your wedding that are unique and unusual so people will remember it. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love and individuality, so why not add a dash of waffle-inspired fun to make it truly unforgettable?