Shiva and Jewish Funerals: What Do I Say and Other Jewish Traditions

What Do I Say and Other Jewish Traditions for when someone passes away

Expressing condolences in a way that respects Jewish traditions can be comforting for the mourning family. Instead of saying "rest in peace," it is customary to say "may his/her memory be a blessing." This phrase honors the legacy of the deceased and conveys your heartfelt sympathy.

When attending a shiva ( a period of seven days reserved for the formal mourning of the dead, beginning immediately after the funeral) or sending a gift, it’s helpful to understand a few key customs:

- Visiting during Shiva: Visitors often come to the home to offer condolences, share memories, and provide support.
- Gifts: It is traditional to send food items to the home. Our shiva waffle box, although not certified Kosher, is thoughtfully prepared to offer comfort during this difficult time. Other suggestions include a meal that can be frozen if not consumed immediately. Please check with the families' dietary and kosher level before bringing food in to the house. 
- Sympathy Notes: Including a personal note with your gift can be a meaningful gesture. Phrases like “I am so sorry for your loss” or “My thoughts are with you during this time” are appropriate. For some example of notes, see our blog post:
- A Donation in Memory of the Loved One: Making a monetary donation to an organization that is meaningful to the loved one or their family is appreciated and a nice way to show your care.