About Our Ingredients

We pride ourselves in using as many local to us ingredients as possible.

Why? Not only does this decrease the carbon footprint, but we have also found the quality of these local and fresh ingredients really have an impact on the flavor of our products. 

We come from a family of small business owners who firmly believed in supporting other small businesses. By using local ingredients we are able to support local to us business owners and in some cases even get to visit them at the source! 

Our commercial kitchen is located in upstate New York in a town just north of Albany, NY. Here are some of our local to us ingredients and vendors:
-Butter- Ronnybrook Butter in Ancramdale, NY- Their butter is fresh churned in small batches making it rich and creamy
-Honey from Farms 2 Tables which sources from local farmers
-Milk and Eggs from Stewarts Shops in Saratoga Springs, NY
-Flour from King Arthur in nearby Vermont