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Shiva Gift Box To Comfort a Mourning Jewish Family

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We understand the importance of sending an appropriate and thoughtful gift during this sensitive time.

Our shiva gift boxes include delicious, ready-to-eat Belgian Liege waffles that are sure to bring a moment of comfort and a touch of sweetness to the shiva home. Each box is carefully curated to meet the needs and traditions of a mourning Jewish family.

Each box contains:
2 Send Me Sugar
2 Send Me Cocoa
2 Send Me Blueberry
2 Send Me Maple Waffles 

Each waffle is individually sealed and ready for consumption or warm in the oven for optimal enjoyment!  Optional to add in a small bottle of Crown Maple Syrup. 

Not sure what to write to the family in mourning?
See our blog post here for heartfelt inspiration.

*Please note that our waffles are not certified Kosher. Although they do not contain any non-Kosher ingredients, they have not been prepared under Rabbinical supervision. We recommend checking with the mourning family or friends regarding their Kosher observance. Generally, our waffles are acceptable unless the family follows strict Orthodox practices.