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We are 5! Happy Birthday To Us!

We are 5! Happy Birthday To Us!
Can you believe it's been 5 amazing years since we embarked on this delicious journey together? We are beyond grateful for your support and enthusiasm for all things waffles. 

We are a Small Business and this is how we support other small businesses (and you can, too!)

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Together, let's show our appreciation for the small businesses that enrich our communities and contribute to their growth and vitality. By intentionally supporting them, we foster a thriving local economy and help businesses continue to grow.

Four Years of Waffling Around- Thought on our 4th year in business!

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Four years ago, we embarked on a journey to bring delicious, Belgian Liege waffles straight to your doorstep. And what a journey it's been! This past year has been filled with exciting milestones and delicious new flavors that we couldn't wait to share with our customers.

Three Years Of Waffling Around - thoughts on our Third Year in Business

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Hills and Valleys. This past year had both. Running a business and a family and trying to grow both, keeps you on your toes. Send Me Waffles continued to grow this past year with the help of our wonderful customers, friends and family. We had an exciting holiday season complete with our largest corporate order to date! 

Thoughts on Celebrating 2 Years in Business

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This past year has been difficult for many businesses. For us, as a new business, one which entered its first full calendar year with promise and excitement, it was a bit jarring to be thrown in to a year darkened by a Global Pandemic. Running a business is hard. Growing a business is hard. And then throw in a world turned upside down...well, that's hard too.

Updated COVID Shipping Information

Updated COVID Shipping Information
Thank you for your support during this time! We are loving the feedback from all of the people receiving waffles while sheltering at home. As we a...


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When Ilene Friedman ’06 moved into the Apartment Communities for her junior year, she had no idea it would influence her career path. With her own kitchen for her last two years of college, she and future husband Keegan Bailey ’06 could emulate Rachael Ray’s 30-minute meals.

Our COVID-19 Update

Our COVID-19 Update
  COVID-19 Update: We have written this post over and over. We began shipping almost a year ago in May 2019. The first year of a business is f...

Waffles by Mail? That's an absurd idea.

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Like many great ideas, it all started with a long run and a hungry belly. Learn how Send Me Waffles got its start.