Our COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Update: We have written this post over and over. We began shipping almost a year ago in May 2019. The first year of a business is full of unknowns. Will we be successful? What challenges will we meet? Will we survive the first year? Never in our wildest dreams would we have predicted a global pandemic that is threatening to shut down local businesses.


📫We are doing well, we are growing, we have plans to reach the one year mark and beyond. We are not giving up!
Remember we are an eCommerce business. Our kitchen is closed to the public with just one or two people inside at a time. We take cleanliness seriously, washing our hands, wiping down surfaces and more.


Last year Send Me Waffles became the next phase of my career, fraught with all of the risk of a new business. We are going to see this through fighting for it to succeed. We can’t do it without you. Like many, our business has seen a significant drop in orders this week. Do you know how scary that is? My family and I have limited our exposure outside our house as many take precautions; we are in the thick of it with you.


👉Remember the beauty of our business is that you can send waffles without any human contact! You don’t have to brave the grocery store. You don’t have to touch a credit card reader. You just go online and send waffles!

Your friends and family who are stuck at home (or even yourself) will thank you.
✔️Send waffles to the moms and dads who are trying to work at home with their small kids running around for the next three, four, five weeks.
✔️Send waffles to the nurses and doctors who are on the front lines and have no choice but to drive to work and do their best each day.
✔️Send waffles to your friend in the nursing home who isn’t allowed any visitors during an already lonely time in their lives.
✔️Send waffles to the janitorial staff who are working extra hard to clean all the surfaces.
✔️Send waffles to the police officers, firefighters and other emergency personnel who continue to keep us safe.

Everyone needs a reason to smile today. We are in this together.