New mail-order waffle company launches in Clifton Park

New mail-order waffle company launches in Clifton Park

Send Me Waffles, a local company that makes shelf-stable Belgian-style Liege sugar waffles available by mail, has been operating since May 1.

The company was founded and is run by Ilene Friedman, who was e-commerce manager for Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse in Halfmoon for more than eight years, and her husband, Keegan Bailey.

From promotional material:

What makes them different than a normal waffle, you ask? Well, first of all they are dough based and go through a rising process, unlike regular waffles which are batter based. Second, they have these amazing crunchy sugar beads inside called pearl sugar which is derived from beets. They are so delectable and sweet you actually do not need any toppings on them, but you can’t go wrong adding more sugar on sugar (or savory on sugar if that’s your jam).

The couple is working to get their waffles in local stores and possibly restaurants, and there is not yet a pickup option; the waffles are made and shipped from a commercial kitchen in Clifton Park. Individually vacuum-packed, the waffles, about 3 inches in diameter, should be consumed within two to three weeks of arrival, though Friedman tells me they freeze well. 

A box of six waffles costs $25.99, plus tax and shipping. Details and ordering here.


From Albany Times Union's TableHopping Blog