From 518 Bites & Sights Blog
published 6/28/19

Waffles are so delicious, right? Have you ever had them covered in a little bit of sugar and sent to your house? Well, I have a place to tell you about!

You can file this under another local purchase I made because of something I saw on Instagram. I started following Send Me Waffles since the idea of sending waffles through the mail was just an idea. I’m so happy to see it to a place where it showed up on my doorstep.

The idea for Send Me Waffles came from a half-marathon, sounds crazy but it’s true. After seeing a line for a waffle food truck, the idea was solidified. I know what you’re thinking, though. Jess, these are just waffles, what’s the big deal? That’s where you’re wrong!

There are a few things that makes these waffles different. First, they’re dough based. Think of it more like bread instead of the batter-based waffles you make yourself for breakfast. Also, as I mentioned before, it’s got sugar on it. Each waffle is covered in “crunchy sugar beads inside called pearl sugar which is derived from beets.”

Now, the important part, how do you get them? Head to their website and you can order a single waffle ($4.50), a box of six ($25.99), or gift subscriptions. That means the waffles keep on coming monthly as long as your credit card information stays consistant.

For an added treat, you can also buy waffle toppings. I may have added a bit of Uncle Sam’s Buttercrunch Gold Dust to my order – for research purposes! There’s also all different kinds of maple syrup to add too! If you want waffles at your door, all you need to do is order it and when they show up a few days later, warm them up and enjoy!