What is a Belgian Liege waffle?

What is a Belgian Waffle?

While on your journey of waffle discovery, you may come across a few different types of waffles. One of those being the Belgian, also known as Liege, waffle. Although most people have heard of Belgian waffles, not many know what that actually entails. So, what makes a Belgian waffle a Belgian waffle?  The answer is in the batter. Belgian Liege waffles such as ours are made with a yeast dough instead of a typical waffle batter. This results in a rich and unique waffle that can be described as a cross between a donut and a soft pretzel. Another aspect that makes our belgian waffles so unique and yummy is our pearl sugar. Every waffle has little pearl sugar bits in each bites. Even better- our Send Me Maple waffles have little pieces of candied maple sugar- yum!. The design of our Belgian Liege waffles was made perfectly for toppings. Whether you want to top them with syrup, icecream, or frosting, our waffles are the perfect size and shape to add whatever you desire! Check out our recent blog post on toppings for some fun ideas.