Congrats Grad! We are waffly proud of you!

fun graduation giftsThis year's Graduates worked hard over the last few years whether it was in Elementary, Middle, High School or College and now they do not have the chance to walk across the stage and experience all of the pomp and circumstance. 

We are proud of them.  

We love them a waffle lot and while we wish we could be there in person, we can not. 
So let's spread the Wafflove. 

Congrats Grads!

Here are some ideas of fun messages to put inside the waffle box for your grad!
  • We are waffly proud of you!
  • Congrats! We love you a waffle lot.
  • Your future is waffly bright!
  • Glad you stopped waffling around and made a decision. Congrats on Graduating!

    Write your message in the comment section when checking out and we will include it in the box.