Wednesday Waffle Watch

Right before COVID-19 restrictions started, we launched Wednesday Wafflove Surprise. Every Wednesday we picked a new business to surprise with waffles and we filmed it live on Facebook. We only had the opportunity to do it twice but it was a fun way to connect with our fans. 

Now we are stuck at home and longing to talk about waffles. That's how Wednesday Waffle Watch was created. We wanted to watch and talk about anything other than the current situation - (no COVID talk allowed). So we point our camera at a waffle and ramble on about anything from whales to waffles. The last two weeks we had a special guest - our daughter- who took it upon herself to decorate the waffle and practice her own commentary. 

Join us every Wednesday around 2pm -ish on Facebook live for delicious randomness to break up your day. 

Missed an episode? We post most of them on our YouTube page.