Waffles and Book Gift Set for Waffle Lovers Who Want A Beach Escape
Waffles and Book Gift Set for Waffle Lovers Who Want A Beach Escape

Waffles and Book Gift Set for Waffle Lovers Who Want A Beach Escape

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Warm up a waffle and escape your reality with this feel good romance novel involving love triangles, waffles and hard life decisions.

This unique gift features 6 Send Me Sugar waffles individually sealed and a softcover copy of Tilly Tennant's "The Waffle House on the Pier". After reading this book over the summer, we wanted to escape to a sea side bay and open our own little waffle shop. Maybe someday!

This waffle and book gift set is the perfect gift for birthdays, anyone who loves waffles or needs a smiles, and of course the holidays! 

Book Summary: 

"Run away to Sea Salt Bay, where the sand is warm and soft, the sea is perfect blue, and a candy-coloured waffle house is about to change Sadie's life...

For as long as she can remember, Sadie’s grandparents have run the waffle house on the pier at Sea Salt Bay. With its pretty painted chairs, sweet smells, and the warm advice of her beloved grandparents, the waffle house is like a second home.

But when Sadie’s grandfather dies, leaving her grandmother without an anchor, Sadie must make a difficult decision. She quits her job and moves back home, determined to keep things going. The trouble is, she knows nothing about running a business, and learning at a million miles an hour with a shop full of hungry people isn’t easy. When she nearly burns the waffle house down, she has to admit she needs to get some help.

Her ex-boyfriend Declan promises to be there for her but Sadie worries that getting too close is a mistake – especially as he has a new girlfriend now. And anyway she’s just met newcomer Luke, with his gorgeous suntan and mellow voice…

Sadie’s family have always loved Declan and they’re not too sure about Luke, leaving Sadie unsure which way to turn. A terrible accident at sea forces her to look into her heart, but what if it’s already too late to tell the right man that she loves him?

If you love stolen kisses under the pier, walking along spray-capped shores eating ice cream... you will fall in love with this romantic, heartbreaking read." -Excerpts from the back of the book