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What Do You Put On Waffles?

waffles and ice cream
With something as versatile as waffles, you may be wondering what belongs on top of this delicious treat. Some swear by maple syrup; others like butter. But that is precisely the beauty of waffles; you can put whatever you want on them! Our Belgian Liege waffles are sweet enough to eat as is but can be elevated by your favorite toppings.

Curious about Wine Flour? Learn how we make our Send Me Cabernet Wine Waffles.

Wine Flour, Belgian Liege Sugar Waffle
We substitute some of the flour in our waffles for the wine flour to produce a uniquely flavored and colored Belgian Liege Waffle perfect for Valentine's Day. Send Me Cabernet Wine waffles are fruity, just like the Cabernet Franc grape, and pair well with chocolate, peanut butter or sharp cheese. 

Garlic Scape Pesto Chicken Waffle Sandwich

Garlic Scape Pesto Chicken Waffle Sandwich
Have you ever had garlic scapes? This time of year we receive them often in our CSA/Farm Share box. These curly tops of the garlic are pungent and honestly... I never know what to do with them. Until... 

Wednesday Waffle Watch

Every Wednesday since we started sheltering at home, we have been going live on Facebook to watch a waffle sit there. This is a nice break from the usual news and press conferences. Join us around 2pm every Wednesday.

Maple Bacon Waffle

maple bacon waffle
On Father's Day we gathered with some friends and enjoyed a delicious brunch. The highlight were these Maple Bacon Waffles. Because Bacon makes everything complete.